Carton & Package Shipments

Small sized shipments are meant to be easy and affordable. Now they are.
Here at Local Freight, no task is not too big or too small for us, Along with Pallet shipping and Truck Load, we also help you to move small packages or cartons within Austraila.
How Package Shipping is different from Pallet Shipping
A package is just a cardboard box or a suitcase with your items to be shipped in it. If it is a suitcase, it is wrapped in plastic film. This protective film makes it compact, easily shippable and it is also easier for a label to stick on it. So, a package is nothing but a parcel in the form of a compact unit (that unit can be a suitcase in plastic film or a cardboard box). Sounds simple, right?
Now, the question is: what is a pallet? Imagining you have to send not one, but many boxes or packages to your destination. One option that you would have is placing different orders for shipping all packages separately. Another option is to put everything together on a large ‘tray’ and we would send your tray with all your boxes or packages placed on it to its destination. This tray that you use is called a ‘pallet’. A standard pallet commonly used in Australia is 120 cms long, 80 cms wide, 100 cms high.
Carton & Package Shipments
  • Don't have to pay for full pallet if you are sending a smaller package.
  • We'll ship your package usually in 48 working hours.
  • Real-time tracking on all orders
  • Instantly Get a quote and book your package.
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