Dangerous Goods Transport

Our team at Local Freight is expert in handling all of your Dangerous & Hazardous goods transport and distribution needs. When it comes to transportation of Dangerous and Hazardous Goods there are no half measures and any room for error.
Service Area
Brisbane | Gold-Coast | SunShine-Coast | Toowoomba
Class 2
Class 3
Flammable liquids
Class 4
Flammable solids
Class 4.2
Spontaneously Combustible
Class 4.3
Dangerous When WET
Class 5.1
Oxidizing Agents
Class 5.2
Organic Peroxides
Class 6
Toxic Chemicals
Class 8
Corrosives Substances
Class 9
Miscellaneous Substances
Dangerous Goods Transport & Distribution
  • Our dangerous goods fleet is fully compliant and registered to carry bulk dangerous goods.
  • Our trucks carry various signage and safety equipment necessary for Dangerous goods transport.
  • All of our DG truck drivers are accredited and experienced in transporting Dangerous goods, they carry a valid Dangerous Goods Licence.
  • Local Freight maintains a documented Transport Emergency Response Plan (TERP) to respond to emergency situations, a copy of it can be viewed here...
All Dangerous goods must be packed in a way suitable for transport. All consignments must be accompanied by proper dangerous goods documentions. Only compatible dangerous goods classes can travel together.

24/7 Emergancy Australia wide reponse cover by ISS First Response 1300 131 001
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